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LINDSEY MCKENNA | Warriors For The Light
Author Guest / April 8, 2010

This six book series began with a bang in October, 2006. UNFORGIVEN was the launch book for Silhouette Nocturne. It was exciting to create the first book for this paranormal series. As I huddled with Tara Gavin, Senior Editor of the line, I wanted to create more than one book. I wanted to create my own universe of sorts. Warriors for the Light was born! I was able to write book #2 and #3, DARK TRUTH (July, 2007) and THE QUEST (Feb. 2008). And then as I had plans for the other three books, real Life took over. My mother’s health declined and for the next year, I put writing aside. It was only in 2009 that I was able to pen the last three books of the series. A writing marathon, to say the least. Now, the good news is REUNION, April, 2010, THE ADVERSARY, May, 2010 and GUARDIAN, June 2010, will roll out, one after another. The WARRIORS FOR THE LIGHT series is about the Emerald Key necklace that was created by the Incan Emperor, Pachacuti, In the 1500’s before the Spanish invaded Peru and disassembled the vast Incan Empire, he was their last, great emperor. I’ve spent…