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Liz Johnson | Exclusive Interview: A DAZZLE OF DIAMONDS
Author Guest / August 4, 2020

Hi, Liz! Welcome to Fresh Fiction. Please tell us about yourself and a little bit about your new book, A DAZZLE OF DIAMONDS. Sometimes I can’t believe that A Dazzle of Diamonds is my 19th book! My first book released more than ten years ago, but I started writing long before that. I wrote my first novel–a western romance–when I was twelve. It’ll stay tucked in its drawer forever while I keep writing new books in my free time. By day I work in marketing for a non-profit in Phoenix. I find time to write on my lunch breaks and weekends. And I loved writing A Dazzle of Diamonds about Penelope and Tucker, best friends since childhood. But when Tucker’s family name is muddied, they set out to find a 150-year-old treasure and the truth. What they find is much more unexpected–and delightful.   This is the third book in your Georgia Coast Romance series. What has been fun about creating this world? What do you want readers to know about it if they’re reading this series for the first time? I’ve absolutely loved spending three books on the Georgia coast, unpacking a bit of the history and a whole…

Liz Johnson | 5 Reasons SEALs Make Great Romance Heroes
Author Guest / December 1, 2014

For the last three years, I’ve been writing about navy SEALs, and I’ve been reading about them for a lot longer than that. Biographies, true accounts of their missions, and novels. I’m not picky about format, I’m just fascinated by these men who serve America with such excellence. Not only are SEALs great warriors, they also make excellent romance heroes. Here are five reasons I love writing them. 1. Determination. In order to become a SEAL, they have to survive the most grueling training known to mankind. I’m not talking about just an unpleasant experience. This training is designed to push every limit—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. The ones who make it, the men who call themselves SEALs, have mastered every challenge thrown at them and never given up. That’s months of jumping into the freezing Pacific Ocean, rolling around in the sand, and then running miles. That’s carrying boats over their heads and running endlessly across the sand. That’s jumping in deep pools, hands and feet bound. It’s training designed to weed out the weak. SEALs are anything but weak. So when they face a hard times, when relationships are tough, they don’t give up. They know how to fight…