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Lizzy Ford | Behind the BLACK MOON DRAW Charity Drive
Author Guest / November 6, 2014

In 2013, I spent over twenty five thousand dollars on giveaways and prizes for readers, which didn’t include the shipping costs. Combined, it was well over thirty thousand dollars I spent giving back to those who supported me. When I compiled all my expenditures for my CPA for taxes in early 2014, I began to consider how much good that amount of money could do if channeled in a different direction. Giveaways are great. I do them as a means of giving back to the reader community, but was there another way I could give back? I’m a strategic thinker by design, and I’m constantly evaluating my marketing, business and promotion strategies. I’m also a long-term planner, and I asked myself: what if I could make more of a difference by donating even half the amount spent on giveaways in 2013 to charity instead? Helping others is important to me. One of my goals in life has always been to give back to those who help me, to repay favors at least twofold and to always support my friends and family in every way I can. The more this idea rattled around in my skull, the better it seemed. I…