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Dog Days of Summer
Cozy Corner / July 10, 2018

I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed the festive Fourth with a bit of fun, relaxation, and a good book. Now that the fireworks are behind us, I’m afraid only the lazy dog days of summer lie ahead. Ever wonder where the familiar phrase Dog Days of Summer originated? Blame it on the ancient Romans. They called the most humid, hottest days of summer “diēs caniculārēs” or dog days. The name came about because they associated the hottest days of summer with the star Sirius, known as the Dog Star. Why? It was the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major—which translates as large dog. You know what I find myself wondering? When will these dog days of summer come to an end…doggone it! The Old Farmer’s Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days as the forty days that coincide with the sunrise of the Dog Star, July 3 through August 11. How do we enjoy our summer and survive the heat? Whether it be swinging in a shady hammock, nestling into a comfy recliner, or sprawling on a beach towel, keep your body hydrated with a cold drink and your mind refreshed with a cozy mystery….

L.L. Bartlett | A Wedding To Remember
Author Guest / June 5, 2018

Jeff Resnick has a knack for getting into trouble. And sometimes he isn’t the only one. And what is June without a wedding? As it happened, in DEAD IN RED, the second Jeff Resnick Mystery, Jeff’s older half-brother, Dr. Richard Alpert, was about to get married to his long-time significant other, Brenda Stanley. It was to be a small wedding. Just the bride and groom, Jeff as best man, and Brenda’s friend, Maggie Brennan, as bridesmaid. Then the four of them would go out to a nice lunch before the bride and groom left on their honeymoon to Paris. And yet even small weddings need certain items. Things like the wedding dress, the tuxes, flowers, and of course, the license. While all that took place, Jeff, a former insurance investigator was looking into the circumstances surrounding the death of a local bartender. That led him to the bar scene and drag shows. Richard sort of tagged along. (Yes, sort of!) And then there was a fight—perhaps a brawl would be a better term. Let’s just say the wedding pictures were to become a whole lot more interesting. And then things took an even more sinister turn. Will Brenda finally get…