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Maggie Adams | How I came up with Legends: Catori
Author Guest / June 7, 2018

Growing up in Grafton, Illinois, situated between the Mississippi River and the limestone bluffs carved from it eons ago, the legend of the Piasa Bird is well known. There is even a rendering of the Native American bird on a bluff wall on the National Scenic Byway (or as we like to call it, the River Road). The “Piasa” is a birdlike monster as large as a calf, with horns like a deer, red eyes, a human face, the body covered with green, red and black scales, and a tail so long it passed around the body. The creature was given its name by the Illini Indians, “The Piasa,” a bird that devours men. Well, I thought about legends, and how some have a basis of truth or religious belief attached to their stories. That got me to thinking about all the bedtime stories, campfire recollections, and folklore of the area, including the Piasa Bird. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if there really was some truth to the shifter tales we read about? So, I picked one area, Native American legends, and focused on that for my research. I learned about power animals or “spirit guides” that many tribes believe…

Meet the Author: Maggie Adams
Author Guest / February 17, 2018

Hi! I’m Maggie Adams, contemporary romance author. I write stories of small-town heroes and heroines, folks just like you and me that overcome hardships, and always have hope. That’s what I love about the romance genre – whether it’s a paranormal, fantasy, historical or contemporary romance, young or old, the characters all have one thing in common. They HOPE for love, for a solution to the crisis, for their Happy Ever After; or at least, a happy for now. Since I have been called “the eternal optimist” by more than one family member, I guess that’s why I am drawn to the romance genre. Truth to tell, I do try to find the bright side in any situation, but I also work at it; more often than not, that leads me into trouble, and it’s up to my family and friends to help me out! My husband of thirty years says it’s like living in an “I Love Lucy” sitcom, and my kids think I’m too old to be this naïve’, but I do try to believe the best in people. I guess that’s why no matter how sexy the story, there’s a sweetness to all my work as well….