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Maggie LaCroix | Not Your Average Zombie
Author Guest / August 28, 2014

Maggie LaCroix is here for the ZOMBIFIED blog tour to tell us about how and why her zombies are different than the usual kind of zombies. Welcome, Maggie! For ZOMBIFIED, it all started in a bar with a few girlfriends from work talking about Twilight and True Blood and what was so fascinating about vampires anyway? Sexy, yes. But kind of manipulative jerks. Not like the simple, honest zombie whose brain-eating intentions are clear. The zombie is a nice guy, really, if you get past the drooling, lumbering and brain eating… And yet, in the hierarchy of the undead, vampires get to be sexy jerks; zombies just decompose. This didn’t seem fair, we agreed, and went back to our Martinis. But I couldn’t get that inebriated conversation out of my head. What if we found a way to make zombies sexy? What if sexy zombies were the new vampires? For the next few days, I turned this puzzle inside my head. First, we’d have to find a way to stop their flesh from rotting and preserve their mental abilities. Only one thing could do the trick: Magic. My sexy zombies were people who had been killed and put under a…