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Top 5 Christmas Traditions from Believe in My Heart
Author Guest / November 28, 2017

NEW RELEASE GIVEAWAY! Growing up in an Italian household meant lots of baking, shopping, gift wrapping, eating, and visiting of relatives the month of December. The week after Christmas was spent returning/exchanging gifts, making up cookie trays, and visiting relatives. And I’m not even talking about visiting different relatives. Sometimes we’d go to my grandparents’ house in South Philadelphia one night and then to my second Uncle’s house down the street the next night. And many of the same people would be there both nights! While the way I celebrate the Christmas season is a bit different from twenty plus years ago, there are still some core traditions I’ve kept and have hopefully instilled in my children. BELIEVE IN MY HEART, the fourth book in my award-winning Tangled Hearts series and newest release, is a holiday novella that takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The hero, Vinnie DiFrancesco, is a traditional guy. He’s a bit of a homebody and is looking for a lifelong partner who will share his dream of raising a family and running his family’s trattoria. Doesn’t sound that hard, right? Wrong. Vinnie’s had a rough time with relationships and all but given up finding the right…