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Meg Kassel | How To Tell
Author Guest / September 14, 2017

In my debut book, BLACK BIRD OF THE GALLOWS, we meet Angie Dovage, high school senior with a talent for music and a crappy past. Her dream of coasting through that her last year of school under the radar are blown to smithereens when Reece Fernandez moves in next door with his family. She thinks he’s hot (naturally) but so does half the student body. Angie notices other things about him, though, that begin to make her wonder if Reece is a little more—or less—human than he takes such pains to appear. So I’m turning it over to my heroine, Angie Dovage, to share her three step program of determining if your hot new neighbor is supernatural, in her words (passes the keyboard to Angie)… Okay, so hey. Thanks, Meg. Also, thanks for, well, deciding Black Bird didn’t needed to be a tragedy. Even if you were just worried about bad reviews if you killed me or Reece off, whatever. I’m grateful. I’m not holding it against you for making my love interest a harbinger of death or anything. No, not at all. Actually, you did make Reece pretty amazing. But anyway, you want me to share my three steps…