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Michelle Ule | The Skullduggery Involved in Writing about Navy SEALs
Author Guest / October 3, 2014

I began at my local military recruiting center when researching Navy SEALs for my novel BRIDGING TWO HEARTS. I picked up a red phone at the locked door and announced my name and reason for visiting (I obviously was not an enlistment candidate). A camera swiveled in my direction and the door buzzed to let me in. Once inside I explained to a female Navy chief that as a “retired” Navy wife, I had spent twenty years without a need to know things I didn’t need to know, therefore, I didn’t have a problem with not needing to know important details about SEAL operations. She smiled. As did every military person I explained this to over the next months. Unfortunately, she could not give me any SEAL details. Instead, she picked up a hot pink post-it note and wrote a name and a phone number. I should call “Steve” for information. When “Steve” answered the phone, I heard the click of pool balls in the background along with what sounded like a sip from a glass. I explained who I was–that I was writing a story about Navy SEALs and I just needed background information about the domestic side of SEAL life. I’ve read enough…