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Molly MacRae | Looking for and Finding the Real Blue Plum
Author Guest / November 5, 2014

I love it when readers tell me their bags are packed and they’re ready to move to Blue Plum, Tennessee. “When are you leaving?” I ask. “I’ll go with you.” Too bad Blue Plum, as a whole, exists only in my Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries. Note the “as a whole” in that sentence, though. Parts of Blue Plum really do exist, and you can go visit. A real road trip will involve some hopping around, because everything isn’t one place. But for now we can take an armchair tour, catch the highlights, and you can make plans for a great vacation. Come on, then, let’s go visiting. First stop is Jonesborough, Tennessee’s oldest town. Jonesborough is up in the northeastern corner of the state, and it’s as cute as a bug’s ear. The town’s historic district is on the National Register of Historic Places and includes wonderful examples of Queen Anne, Federal, and Victorian architecture. My family and I lived outside Jonesborough for almost twenty years. Next stop is the Weaver’s Cat, the shop owned by Kath Rutledge and haunted by Geneva the ghost. I put the Weaver’s Cat in the oldest brick building in Jonesborough—Sisters’ Row, a Philadelphia-style row…