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M.Q. Barber | Obedience Reaps Rewards
Author Guest / June 10, 2014

Henry thundered into my life with one persistent demand: Tell the story of how he and his lover seduced their neighbor into a romantic relationship. At the time, I had no idea that taking Henry’s command to heart would produce the Neighborly Affection series or propel the first book, PLAYING THE GAME , onto the USA Today bestseller list. I only knew I had three characters – Henry, Jay, and Alice – who wouldn’t be denied. The whole thing started one night at dinner, Alice, the neighbor in question, informed me. She’s a practical gal, an engineer who’s maybe a little too career-focused and definitely not a fan of emotional entanglements. Her remembrance of that first night is a scorcher, thrilling and sexy and spiced with the unexpected joy she finds in handing control over to Henry. Not so, Henry insisted. The attraction started the day they met. He’s a long-term thinker, an artist and something of a strategist. Sizing up Alice’s potential comes as natural to him as being a welcoming neighbor and a charming host. He’ll tease out the desires she hides from herself, and he has the perfect lures with which to do it: a no-strings contract…