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Olivia Sands | Exclusive Excerpt: COLTON
Author Guest / July 2, 2019

If she was going to build a new life in Elm Ridge, she needed to become a social animal again. Basically, she needed to get a life, and that wouldn’t happen if she remained hidden under the covers. The invitation won over the impulse. “Boys,” Ashton said to his two assistants, “meet Grace Baker. She joined my firm a few weeks ago, and I still can’t get over how lucky I am to have snatched her away from the big city.” “Thank you, but I’m the lucky one.” This time she meant it. Desperate to get away from Manhattan, she’d had no idea where to go. And then, by accident, she’d stumbled onto his ad. At the time, she’d thought it divine intervention. Incredibly, there was a human-sized law firm in a small town looking for a non-belligerent general practitioner. Yep, the ad was every answer to her prayers. “Grace, these handsome devils are two of my nephews,” Ashton said. “This is Jaxon. He’s a horseman.” She shook the hand Jaxon extended. Rough and calloused, just how she’d imagined a cowboy’s hand would feel. His sky-blue eyes shone with kindness. “Nice to meet you, Grace.” He flashed a magnificent smile…