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Patricia Davids | Exclusive Excerpt: SOMEONE TO TRUST
Author Guest / January 22, 2021

A white van with the hood up came into view along with a group of Amish women standing beside it. Gabe pulled the horse and wagon to a stop beside them. Which one was going to concentrate her attention on him? He wished Jonah knew the answer. That way he’d know which sister to avoid. His mother’s cousin Waneta came rushing toward him with a cheerful smile. “Gabriel, it’s goot to see you again.” He got down from the wagon, determined not to give any of the women undue encouragement. “Nice to see you, too, Waneta. If your stepdaughters will get in the wagon, I’ll collect your things.” “Our driver, Bessie, will help. Let me introduce you to my family.” “There will be time for that when everyone is settled at the house,” he said and walked to the back of the van where Bessie, a gray-haired Englisch woman, was pull­ing out the luggage. He heard the rumble of a truck ap­proaching and then a horn blaring. He glanced in that direction and saw a woman walking into the roadway. Her gaze was fixed on something in the distance. Didn’t she hear the truck? She looked at the ground. The…

Patricia Davids | 20 Questions: THE AMISH TEACHER’S DILEMMA
Author Guest / February 21, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release? The Amish Teacher’s Secret 2–What is it about? It’s the story of Amish spinster Eva Coblentz and her decision to leave her extended family back in the Midwest and take a job as an Amish schoolteacher in northern Maine. Her family doesn’t approve, but Eva is determined to work. Willis Gingrich is the local blacksmith coping with the arrival of his three orphaned half-siblings. He’s delighted school is about to start so the new teacher can look after the mischievous kids during the day while he can concentrate on his work. 3–What word best describes your heroine? Bookworm. Eva loves to read and has a large collection of books that she can’t wait to share with her new students. 4–What makes your hero irresistible? His inability to cope with his instant family, especially seven-year-old Maddie and her imaginary friend Bubble and his closely guarded secret. Willis can’t read. 5–Who are the people your main characters turn to when they need help? Because they are both new to the community, Willis and Eva turned to each other for support. She sees how he is struggling with the children and offers to watch them during…