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Randi Cooley Wilson | Why I Write New Adult
Author Guest / November 20, 2014

If you stop to think about your life’s story, as a whole, you’ll discover each layer is composed of many chapters filled with mystery, romance, relationships, and outcomes – both good and bad. There are innocent moments that take your breath away and if you’re lucky, instances that will define you. When I look over my own life’s story, I always stop on my college years as a favorite chapter. One packed with its own set of angst, friendships, heartbreak and insanely fun moments. As a writer, it’s those new adult experiences that fascinate me the most. These are the years when you truly are just starting out in life. You’re in a transitional period between adolescence and adulthood, one where you tend to experience love and friendships on a completely different level. Eighteen to twenty-four is an amazing time where anything and everything seem possible. The world is completely open for you to create your own journey, make your own destiny and figure out what’s worth fighting for. New adult books explore these levels of emotions, relationships, and journeys. The stories written in this genre can be darker in themes, edgy and raw when dealing with a more mature…