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Author Guest / July 17, 2017

Romantic Suspense ALL THE DEAD GIRLS by Rita Herron Montlake Publishing Alison Dasho, editor ALL THE DEAD GIRLS by Rita Herron Graveyard Falls #3 When a violent storm hits Graveyard Falls, it unearths the unimaginable: skeletons of teenage girls, each dressed in white and holding a candle. It’s clear to FBI agent Beth Fields that this is the work of a long-standing killer—but could it be the one she escaped years ago? She has no memory of the man who held her captive and murdered her friend. But even though someone was jailed for the crime, she’s always feared that the real killer is still out there…waiting and watching. Ian Kimball never believed his stepfather was guilty of Beth’s kidnapping or the slaying of two local girls. Now Graveyard Falls’s sheriff, he’s determined to catch the true perpetrator. And when more young women go missing, he realizes he needs Beth’s help. She is nothing like Ian expected, and everything he desires. But if they have any hope of finally ending the killer’s reign of terror, Beth and Ian will need to put everything aside, including their past, their mistrust, and their growing attraction… Romance Suspense [Montlake Romance, On Sale: November…

Fresh Pick | DARK HUNGER by Rita Herron
Fresh Pick / June 17, 2010

Demonborn #2 August 2009 On Sale: August 1, 2009 Featuring: Annabelle Armstrong; Quinton Valtrez 320 pages ISBN: 0446199486 EAN: 9780446199483 Mass Market Paperback $6.99 Add to Wish List Romance Paranormal Buy at Dark Hunger by Rita Herron He’s everything she fears…she’s everything he craves… Telepath Quinton Valtrez wants nothing from Annabelle Armstrong except her luscious body. One peek into her mind, however, and he knows that that this CNN reporter has uncovered his identity as a government assassin and is determined to expose all of his dark secrets, one by one. He’ll never let that happen, his uncontrollable hunger for her be damned. But when a bomber strikes as they’re both in range, killing hundreds, Annabelle devotes herself entirely to the story. Thrown together by danger and desperate to stop the violence, Quinton and Annabelle uncover that the serial bomber is a supernatural attack, perpetrated by an evil force that exerts mind control over people and turns them into killers. But when the forces of evil unite to overpower them, targeting Annabelle in order to ensnare him, Quinton must face his own destiny as one of the Demonborn and join forces with his brother Vincent (from Insatiable Desire) to…

Uncategorized / August 5, 2009

Myths and legends and the paranormal world When I first conceived of the idea for the Demonborn series and Dark Hunger, I knew I wanted to write about strong men, demons, crime fighters and the battle between good and evil. Next, I needed to build my paranormal world and make it different from all the other paranormals out there. What could make mine unique — fresh? The answer to that for me was to write about a world that intrigued me, a setting that I felt at home with, but one that naturally lended itself to a dark, eerie atmosphere that enhanced my story lines. I also thought having the paranormal creatures appear in the normal world was even more terrifying than to have a completely fantasy world. What if demons actually existed on Earth? Born a Southerner, spooky stories about ghosts, local legends, cemeteries, and odd things that go bump in the night filled my childhood. Since my series is a dark, gritty romantic suspense filled with evil demons and murder, my setting had to reflect that same creepy feeling. Click here to read the rest of Rita’s blog, leave a comment or enter her blog contest. Visit…

Rita Herron | Good or Bad
Uncategorized / September 16, 2008

Do you believe that people are born either good or bad? That your genes determine whether or not you have a temper, are violent, or lose control? That’s only one of the premises I explore in my Demonborn series. Vincent Valtrez, the hero of book one, INSATIABLE DESIRE, has only faint memories of his traumatic past. Memories which disturb him because he feels a darkness in his soul. Memories and a killer that bring him back to his hometown. A hometown full of secrets and evil. A hometown he swore he’d never return to. A hometown plagued by danger and the girl he left behind. Vincent had no idea what is in store for him. Or that his destiny is calling. Only that his need for sex and darkness have begun to call his name again. But giving in to the dark side could be his downfall and cause him to lose his soul once and for all. Do you have a dark side? If so, can you resist the call? Rita Herron Visit to learn more about books and authors.