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Sharon Lanthan | Rock-a-Bye Baby
Author Guest / October 22, 2010

In January I was a guest on Fresh Fiction for the release of my third novel, My Dearest Mr. Darcy, and I wrote about birthing babies. That blog can be read here and I chose the topic because in that novel Mr. Darcy and his wife Elizabeth welcome their first child, a son named Alexander. For me this was an easy subject to write since my professional expertise is in the maternal child health field. I have witnessed many, many deliveries! Since my vision of the Darcys is a continuing saga my next book, In The Arms of Mr. Darcy, began shortly after Alexander’s arrival and covered the first year of his life. One might think that since he is a baby his interactions would be rare and not very exciting. Oh contraire! I can assure as a mother of two and an RN with 25-years working with babies, infants have distinct personalities from the get-go! Even premature infants who are very early and very small will subtly show their character, holding true to those traits as they mature. It is quite phenomenal. My approach in writing Alexander was to establish his unique personality as well as convey how Darcy…