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Saving money, new authors & getting through my TBR pile
Uncategorized / June 15, 2007

Romance Writers of America 2007 National Conference is next month in Dallas. Most romance writers will be at the literacy autographing fundraiser. The problem: you can only bring FIVE books with you to have signed. All others books must be bought there. Hence, my self imposed separation from buying new books in May – July because I know that I will be spending a lot of cash at the RWA literacy fundraiser. I have broken my vow of purchasing new books once. I went to a local book signing for Candy Havens and her latest, Charmed & Deadly. It is book three in a series revolving around a witch named Bronwyn. Now I am on a mission to locate the first two books in the series. Of course it is a slippery slope and I’ve already printed a Border’s coupon to use this weekend. 20% off. I ask you, who can resist 20% off?! That said, I am making headway through my TBR pile. I picked up a copy of Alyssa Day’s Atlantis Rising at the romance readers’ tea last month and finally got around to reading it this week. A really, really good paranormal romance and the beginning of…

Lee & Bob Woodruff Sign in Dallas
Uncategorized / May 17, 2007

Lee Woodruff, Chris Heinbaugh, Bob Woodruff, originally uploaded by freshfiction. Borders, North Dallas, Preston @ Royal We arrived early — around 4 — to pick up our book and, get ready for this, WRIST BAND! Finally, we hit the big time. Even the HUGE Giada de Laurentis signing didn’t involve wristbands, but it should have, I digress. The wide-eyed star glitter in Gwen’s eye started to glimmer. Most disconcerting. Her favorite news person, okay the only one she really knows beside Gideon Yago, and sorry, but he doesn’t count, was SO BIG, he needed a wrist band. This was almost as good as a film premier! (Pardon the exclamations, but seriously, she was very very excited.) Before we left the Borders, we made sure we had the RIGHT color arm band (being first in line) and when they were scheduled to start and what time the line began. You know, important details! So, we had two hours to go until the discussion/signing which was plenty of time for dinner. The best thing about the Preston / Royal area of North Dallas is the little eateries popping up in odd corners. The last signing — Shanna Swendson — we found Natalie’s…

Shanna Swendson Reading from DAMSEL UNDER STRESS
Uncategorized / May 4, 2007

Shanna Swendson Reading from DAMSEL UNDER STRESS, originally uploaded by freshfiction. Bridget Jones meets Harry Potter is the way Shanna pitched her “Enchanted” series to Ballantine, and they are definitely fun, set in New York City where the “unusual” is not that much out of the ordinary…or is it?Katie Chandler fled small town Texas to the big lights of New York City where she finds it isn’t quite as she expected! People with wings on the subways, gargoyles winking and flying through the streets and magic every where. But Katie finds a new job, new friends and new adventures in the big apple! Now just when her life seems settled, she also gets a fairy godmother. And as the fables go…it’s isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be! Shanna read the scene where she and the fairy godmother go out to dinner. With a wave of a magical wane, confusion ensues! Another winner from Shanna and we can only hope for many many more!REPORT: Fellow readers have reported some book stores aren’t carrying DAMESEL UNDER STRESS Be sure to ASK for it and have your local book store order a copy for you (it’s free to special order from…