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Sofia Tate | Top 5 Italian Romantic Escapes
Author Guest / December 3, 2014

What is it about Italy? I’ve been lucky to have visited the nation of la dolce vita three times in my life-Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice. Italian was also my minor in college. When I’m in Italy, I feel beautiful, both inside and out. Just being in Italy is food for the soul. For these reasons, I chose Italy as one of the settings in my Davison & Allegra series, starting with Venice and Naples in BREATHLESS FOR HIM and Milan and Lake Como in DEVOTED TO HIM, as well as making my heroine, Allegra Orsini, of Italian heritage. To me, all of Italy is romantic, so choosing the Top 5 Romantic Escapes in Italy proved to be quite the task, except for choosing the #1 destination. I should also state that I’ve only been to my #1 choice, and the rest are on my bucket list, though I imagine I’m there whenever I watch the movies that I mention for each to-die-for area (Capri, alas, has not been featured in any film as far I know). 1)    Venice-I first visited Italy as a junior in college when I did the Eurailpass trip college kids do with two of my…