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Sonya Weiss | Reader to Reader
Author Guest / November 29, 2019

I spend a lot of time writing because I always have ideas and characters whose story I can’t wait to tell. These ideas can be sparked by something I see in the news, or it stems from me playing the what-if game. Like what if that soccer mom is really a spy? Or what if that guy walking his dog just got left at the altar? Because I’m a pantser, meaning I don’t plot out the story first, I don’t always know how the story will play out. So it’s like I’m reading the story as I write it. But I also spend a lot of time reading and I love to recommend great books to others. I also love discovering new authors and reading books that I just can’t put down. I’ve read in every genre under the sun though I do have some favorites. I love romance novels. Contemporary, paranormal, historical. Someone mentioned Duchess Wars by Courtney Milan to me today and I just put that one on my to-be-read list. I also love to read sci-fi. I loved the original Roswell, The 100, and the X-Files. I’m a big fan of Star Trek. Someone gifted me a…

Sonya Weiss | Tell Me a Story
Author Guest / March 19, 2014

I love stories. In all sizes and genres. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a home where reading was greatly encouraged. As a kid, I read everything from Louis L’Amour books (thanks, Dad) to Stephen King and Sidney Sheldon (thanks, Mom). When I was child, I read every book one of my teachers kept on a shelf in the class. I can still remember how I felt reading “The House With a Clock In Its Walls” by John Bellairs. I think that most of us are natural born storytellers even if we’re not writers. Some of us just put those stories down on paper. Or on a computer. Not because we dream of making the big bucks (though that would be nice) and not because we dream of hitting the New York Times bestseller list (that would be nice too. Really, really nice) but because we have to. Just like books take readers on a journey to mystic lands where a boy with a scar on his forehead overcomes evil, so writing takes writers on a journey. When I write, I don’t know where the characters’ story is going to take them. I don’t know how they’re going…