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Susan Wilson | The Challenge of Writing a Compelling Dog!
Uncategorized / March 8, 2010

First let me say what a pleasure it is to be invited to guest blog on Freshfiction.  As I have discovered, the blogosphere is a warm and inviting, if curious, place to be.  In my own blog,, I recently observed what a difference a few years make in how books are publicized and marketed.  Where once an author had to buy new clothes, now she can sit, as I am, at her kitchen counter in her pjs and communicate with fans and future fans. ONE GOOD DOG is my sixth novel and a departure from my usual focus.  All of my books:  BEAUTY, HAWKE’S COVE, CAMEO LAKE, THE FORTUNE-TELLER’S DAUGHTER, and  SUMMER HARBOR have, as the central theme, the relationship between women and men.  In ONE GOOD DOG, I explored the relationship between two very disparate species:  man and dog.  And yet, there were some real similarities to a romance in Adam and Chance’s relationship.  They meet ‘cute’ (sort of); they each have to learn to trust the other; they eventually develop a bond that transcends any prior experience of love.  My challenge was to write a compelling, engaging and believable story with a dog as a central character. …