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Is it bad to be a ‘sweet’ romance?
Reviewer Column / October 17, 2021

I was recently reading an author’s newsletter and was surprised to find that she took exception to her romances being called “sweet” by a couple of reviewers. I was a bit taken aback when I read on – she stated that a couple of readers were confused as they seem to take the word sweet to mean clean – no sex. I am guessing they were not happy to find out there was a lot of sex on the pages. As a reviewer, I often use “sweet” in the description of the books I read but now I feel I should explain what I mean by that word. Yes, often “sweet” means a clean read with no sex or little sex that is not written in a graphic format. As a long-time reader of various genres of romance that still holds true, but I find that to me there is more to “sweet” than what most understand. I think of “sweet” as the couple getting to know each other, doing things together, before hopping in bed. If a book is considered erotica or erotic then usually there is little sweet to be had, at least not in the mind of…

Marnie Blue | Five Things You Can Do NOW to Avoid Christmas Craziness Later
Author Guest / November 2, 2018

(This article is dedicated to my sister-in-law, who for the past ten years single-handedly prepared the traditional Seven Fishes of Christmas Eve for her husband and his family, cleaned her house top to bottom, worked full-time and did all the Christmas shopping while being a super mom to her twins. This year, she is going out to eat. Buon Natale, Lisa!) Some people are just so organized. Bless their hearts! I found this out while I was trying to decide what to write about for Fresh Fiction. So many authors write about their books or writing—and that’s fine. But, I’m thinking—it’s close to the holidays! Who’s got time to think about books when there are meals to be prepared and houses to clean and most of all, guests coming to your home? Seriously. Even now, your family may be preparing to descend upon you and yours, like D-Day, only with in-laws and cousins.  The most wonderful time of the year? For who? Apparently, it can be that way for you. Do you know, not everyone is up until 2:00 am the night before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? (I know! It’s shocking.) There are some things which can be…