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Sara Reyes | Do Special Events Make for a Better Relationship with Artists Creation?
Saturdays with Sara / May 2, 2009

And by artists I am referring to authors and film makers this time around. We’ll leave the musicians, painters, sculptors, and programmers out of the conversation. If you know me well, you’ll find I consider almost all producers of a “thing” including code as “creative artists” but I will not digress today. Back to the topic of “does meeting the artist make you like or appreciate the work better or less?” Lone Star Trilogy (May, June, July: Buy Your Copy today Pre-Order Your Copy today Pre-order Your Copy today Here’s the deal. Today we’re having a high tea with Susan Mallery. It’s a special private tea with just our book club and Susan. We’ve been looking forward and planning this event for months and no matter what happens it will be a day we’ll remember for a long time. Seriously, we still talk about dinners with authors from ten or twelve years ago, reminiscing over the time spent with them, their books we’ve read since and for those who didn’t attend, lamenting over their missed opportunity. In some way that private time spent with the author gives them a very special relationship with our reading group and individuals enduring long…