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Jayci Lee | Exclusive Excerpt: THE DATING DARE
Author Guest / July 27, 2021

From Chapter Two… “Here, let me switch out the glasses to something more civilized,” Tara said, reaching for his snifter. They were going to pass out before the game got interesting if they chugged from their full-sized glasses. “And we’ll both drink the white ale to keep the alcohol level even.” “Sounds like a plan. Should I start?” He rubbed his hands together like he was relishing the thought of annihilating her. How precious. “Truth or dare?” “Truth.” She crossed her arms in the universal bring-it-on gesture. “When was your first kiss and with whom?” he asked with a friendly smile. “Seriously? You just went there?” Her arms dropped limply to her sides. Tara felt warmth seeping up from her neck and spreading to her cheeks. She was a late bloomer, and her first kiss hadn’t been until college with her first boyfriend. She never spoke about Jason. He had been her first everything, including her first heartbreak. He’d done such a thorough job of it that she’d buried her heart deep inside so no one could touch it again. It took her a year of friendship and a lot of beer before she’d even told Aubrey about the abusive…