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Chelsea M. Cameron | Title Challenge: THE GIRL NEXT DOOR
Author Guest / May 26, 2020

The Girl Next Door is a romance about coming home, even when that’s not in your plan. Iris Turner has to move back in with her parents after burning out in the big city, and she’s none too happy about being back in her small Maine town. That is, until she locks eyes with Jude Wicks, who just happens to live next door. Jude is a lobsterwoman, rides a motorcycle, and is full of all kinds of intrigue for Iris. Her plan is still to leave as soon as she can, but they say life happens when you’re busy making other plans. T is for trust your instincts. H is for hot sexytimes! E is for even more sexytimes! * G is for get the girl! I is for Iris! That one was easy. Too bad I didn’t have a J in the title. R is for remember your past, but don’t let it consume you. Jude learns this one for herself. L is for LOBSTER! Obviously. They play a huge role in this book.  * N is for not every failure is bad. Iris learns this one the hard way. E is for even strong people need support. X…