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Lena Diaz | Title Challenge: AGENT UNDER SEIGE
Author Guest / January 4, 2021

Agent Under Siege is part of The Justice Seekers series, featuring a diverse team of men and women whose reputations and law enforcement careers were destroyed because the justice system failed them. Becoming a Seeker gives them a chance at redemption and lets them help others find the justice they too deserve. This story features former FBI profiler, Bryson Anton, who can’t forgive himself for mistakes he’s convinced he made, both in the FBI and later as a Seeker. Recovering from a gunshot wound to his hip, he spends his days self-medicating with alcohol and alternating between a cane and a wheelchair. He’s completely unprepared to deal with Seeker client, Teagan Ray, who bursts into his home and demands that he help her find the serial killer who once abducted her. The catch? It’s the same killer Bryson believes went free because of a mistake he made as a profiler. The chemistry between these two intelligent, strong-willed people is incredible. Teagan is sassy and sexy and makes no secret about her attraction to Bryson from the moment they meet. Bryson is quiet, older, more experienced, and completely bewildered over how to deal with Teagan. What they both discover is that…