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Zoe Forward | Title Challenge: NIGHTSHADE’S BITE
Author Guest / March 18, 2021

Hi! I’m Zoe Forward, and I’m so excited to introduce you to NIGHTSHADE’S BITE. Here’s a sneak peek at what this book’s about: Kiera Rossard’s secret life just got complicated. She’s leader of the Nightshade League, a rebel vampire society that rescues werewolves during the interspecies war. Everyone wants her dead—vampires and the werewolves who don’t know her secret. Most especially, the wolf she just saved—Michael Durand. Something about this particular werewolf sets her blood on fire. She’s not good at resisting temptation. So what if vampires always bite when they’re turned on? And so what if one drop of his blood will kill her? What’s life without a little risk? N is for Nightshade’s League, the name of the secret group Kiera leads to rescue werewolves during the vampire-werewolf war. I  is for irresistible. The smell of Michael’s werewolf blood is irresistible and intoxicating to Kiera, a vampire. But one bite…one drop of his blood will kill her. G is for grudgingly. Michael grudgingly accepts help from Kiera, first in escaping almost imprisonment from vampires and second to free a baby werewolf who was stolen. H is for hot. The chemistry between Michael and Kiera is hot from the…

Zoe Forward | Witches, Curses, and Alphas, Oh My!
Author Guest / November 6, 2014

I’m so excited to be here at Fresh Fiction today celebrating the release of my sexy paranormal romance, PROTECTING HIS WITCH, the first in my new Keepers of the Veil series. If you like contemporary paranormal romances, witches, curses and alpha heroes, then PROTECTING HIS WITCH is the book for you! This isn’t your typical witch book. There’s no coven. Don’t get disappointed. Our heroine has witchy powers. Kat just doesn’t know she’s one of the chosen seven Pleiades witches. Sure she’s got the ability to pick up people’s thoughts and she can even hop to a different dimension, although she doesn’t exactly have control of the hopping.  But she doesn’t know why witch hunters keep trying to abduct her. The person she must trust to protect her is the gorgeous one-night-stand she accidentally cursed when he kicked her out of his dorm room years ago. Naked. Avoiding a repeat of that night is her priority. Matt recognizes what Kat is and feels obligated to help her, but only after she reverses that curse: May you never find satisfaction with another woman. But bonding to a Pleiad and getting involved with the druidic ways he turned his back on long…