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The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes — a possibility for an intriguing novelty

June 14, 2007

Jennifer Cruisie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart… who wouldn’t look forward to a new book by any of these authors?? Well in July St. Martin’s Paperbacks will have an intriguing treat for us avid readers.

Apparantly, at some cocktail party at some conference the three tossed around an idea that sounds like a hollywood pitch session that combines the sisters of Charmed meets Bewitched with a boom chica bow mow soundtrack in the background…uh, that doesn’t sound good. The discussion actually started with erotic paranormal being the next big thing, then came the sisters with out of control powers, eccetera. It could have just been a joke to pass time at the party(wonder if mojitos were involved) but then a game of “chicken” ensued between the authors and TA-DA our reading novelty, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes was born.

Now this is not just an anthology with each having a separate story but one story written together by all three of them. I can’t wait!! Will you be able to tell who writes each chapter or thread of the plot by their writing voice? Or will it be a new trick for publishers to trot out to increase sales by grouping unlikely authors together. What do you think? Anyone read it yet?

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