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Wow, it’s been a long time since I listed my reads

October 27, 2005

I didn’t realize it’s been almost two months since I posted in here. So let me go back through my memory banks and see if I can remember everything I read in the past couple months or so. I’m not even going to try to post cover pics of everything because it would take FORever, though I’ll do a couple of them.

In audio, I got through a huge load of books. I’m not even going to try to post cover pics as there are too many and it would take forever. LOL I listened to:
To Trust a Stranger by Karen Robards (abridged) – This one wasn’t too bad, but it’s not something I’d rush out to buy either. Good quick listen at only 4 CDs. I was able to do the whole thing in one day at work. I did like how the hero and heroine met… He was on an investigative job and dressed up like a drag queen which provided several pages of the heroine thinking he was gay.
Now Face to Face by Karleen Koen (unabridged) – This has been on my bookshelf ever since the book was published however many years ago (my copy had started to yellow with age so you know it’s been a while) but I never got around to reading it do to the length (think of Gabaldon to get an idea). It started out good, but about halfway in to it I started to lose interest. The story was good, I just think I’ve developed an aversion to any book over 350 pages or so. And it probably would have helped to read the prequel to this book, which has also been sitting on my bookshelf since it was published. Unfortunately, Through a Glass Darkly is unavailable in audio for me to try.
I’m still making tracks through the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins (all unabridged), and got a few of those done. I finished #7, The Indwelling, where Satan takes possession of Carpathia, as predicted in Revelations. It took forever in the book for it to actually happen though. The book picks up right at the end of #6, Assassins, where Carpathia is killed, and the entire scope of book 7 encompasses not much more than three days. Long book to get through three days if you ask me. But I’ll keep reading. I’ve gone too far to stop now!
I then went on to book #8, The Mark, where all people are required to take the mark of Carpathia/Satan to prove their loyalty, or be put to death in one of the “loyalty enforcers,” AKA guillotine. No I’m not giving any spoilers here, so don’t worry! This one starts to show the serious decline of Carpathia into a truly evil monster. Not bad, but I think the books are maybe starting to lose steam a bit.
Presently I am working on #9, Desecration, where Carpathia finally takes a seat on the throne in the sacred temple of the Jews and declares himself God. I had gotten about halfway through it when the CDs from the library went kaflooey so I had to take it back and wait a while for the tapes to be brought back in so I could start over.

I went on a Luanne Rice binge for some reason and did a few of hers. I listened to Follow the Stars Home (unabridged), which I may have finished before my last blog post so long ago. This was my first by her and I enjoyed it enough to try a few more. Then I went on to try Safe Harbor (abridged), and The Secret Hour (abridged). I liked Safe Harbor, with it’s touch of the paranormal at the end of the book. The Secret Hour was a suspense and it was quite interesting, though I think it would have been a bit better if unabridged.
I also listened to Nora Roberts’ Blue Dahlia (unabridged) and it wasn’t bad, but not a keeper for me, which most of hers aren’t. I do want to read the rest of the trilogy though and have a hold on Black Rose at the library (So did about 10 other people when I reserved it!. At last check I was now fourth in line.)
Presently, I am listening to White Oleander (unabridged) by Janet Fitch at work. I saw the movie a while back but never read the book, so now I am. And it seems they’d cut quite a bit out for the movie, if my memory serves me right.
In the car I am almost finished with The Talisman (unabridged) by Stephen King and Peter Straub. This was a favorite book of mine that I read years ago, and I decided to do it again through audio. I intend to start Black House, the sequel, as soon as I finish.

Let’s see, in eBook, what did I read? Mating Net by Rowena Cherry, which I liked quite a bit. I read Season of the Shifters by Jennifer Cloud, only to find out it was a sequel, so now I’m reading The Flyers, which is the first book. I’m sure I did a couple more, but I don’t have my book journal in front of me and I can’t remember now.

In paper, I know I’m going to forget one or two. I read Sword of Niraz by Julie d’Arcy, which doesn’t come out till next year. It was quite good, and is a sequel to Legacy of the Black Dragon, which I read back in December/January. Presently I am reading Time of the Wolf, also by Julie d’Arcy, which is a part of the same series as the other two I just listed.

And that is all of the ones I can remember, though I think there were a few more in there somewhere.

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