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Eliza Watson | Kissing Your Old Life Au Revoir and Taking Risks
Author Guest / July 22, 2013

Have you ever made a major life change on a whim? I just did. I bought a house in Ireland! How mad is that? It had been eleven years since I’d done the most adventurous thing in my life; quitting my fulltime event planning job to write. However, I knew I had freelance work and my husband’s income to fall back on. It wasn’t exactly a wild and crazy change like the protagonist Samantha makes in my new women’s fiction book, KISSING MY OLD LIFE AU REVOIR. I’ve been tracing my Irish roots for six years and I’ve traveled to Ireland three times to meet my rellies. I dreamed of owning a writing cottage there…someday…maybe. This past April my dream came true. Following an unexpected business trip to Dublin, I rented a car and drove to County Westmeath to visit my rellies and friends. While having tea with my friends, they mentioned a friend was looking at buying a house in my ancestor’s homeland. When they went online to show me the home, they came across an old schoolhouse that had been renovated into a cute little cottage. They said it would be the perfect house for me. I told…