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Amber Hart | 10 Reasons to Read Thrillers

January 29, 2018

You know that edge-of-your-seat, what’s-going-to-happen-next, feeling? That’s one of the best parts of a thriller novel. They’re unpredictable. Exciting. Razor sharp. I could go on forever, but here are ten reasons you’ll want to pick up a thriller as your next read.

  • They keep you guessing. Really…what difficulty will arise? Who is responsible? I adore how thrillers spin perfectly ordinary things, like a stroll through the woods, into something sinister. You can tuck yourself between the pages and get lost for hours, curled under the covers, looking over your shoulder as you read.
  • The settings are usually eerie. Dark nights. Deserted roads. Spooky swamps. Sleepy islands. A sprawling, empty house. Ghostly coves. Shadows. Mystery. The setting itself becomes a living thing, with a heartbeat of its own. Like if you reach out, it just might grab you.
  • The characters are sly. A thriller never fails to give you a mischievous character. You can’t figure out what they’re really up to, and that’s a good thing. Parts of them are hidden—perhaps it’s their past, possibly where they disappear to at certain hours of the day, or even their closely guarded thoughts. They make you wonder if maybe, just maybe, they could be the culprit.
  • Secrets are everywhere. They’re carried around in characters’ pockets like pennies. Sure, they’re usually revealed along the way, little breadcrumbs to keep you going, but they’re there. Looming like whatever trouble awaits you on the next page.
  • Everyone is a suspect. You can’t help wondering if each character has an ulterior motive. They probably do. Most do. Constant vigilance.
  • They get inside your head. They cut straight through and make you think. You’re analyzing the story from every angle, trying to know it inside and out, wanting to tell what’s really happening underneath the surface. I bet there’s a thriller you can think of that lingers with you still.
  • They make great movie adaptations. Chills. Wide eyes staring at the screen. Fast-paced fun.
  • They lie. They paint word pictures with brilliant accuracy only for you to realize that the vision you had is wrong. A certain character is really bad, not good. A trusted person is the betrayer. Or maybe you suspected someone because they seem too nice, too quiet, too perfect. And they’re just naturally that way, nothing sinister. You feel like you’ve been bested. And many times, you have.
  • There are often surprise twists. A gut-wrenching realization at the end. Or you see the ending coming, but something along the way flips your assumptions upside down like a topsy-turvy carnival ride. Think you have it figured out? Chances are: you don’t.
  • They leave you breathless. That final feeling—after you close the last page and tuck the spine onto your shelf—like you’ve run a marathon, but also need to sleep with the lights on? That’s the best. Nothing compares to a novel that makes you feel as though you’ve solved the problem and put the mystery to rest, but you peek once more over your shoulder. Just in case.

So…what are your favorite parts of thriller novels? Are there any that you read over and over again because you can’t get enough?

WICKED CHARM by Amber Hart

Wicked Charm

Nothing good comes from living in the Devil’s swamp.

Willow Bell thinks moving to the Okefenokee area isn’t half
bad, but nothing prepares her for what awaits in the shadows
of the bog.

Girls are showing up dead in the swamp. And she could be next.

Everyone warns Willow to stay away from Beau Cadwell―the bad
boy at the top of their suspect list as the serial killer
tormenting the small town.

But beneath his wicked, depthless eyes, there’s something
else that draws Willow to him.

When yet another girl he knew dies, though, Willow questions
whether she can trust her instincts…or if they’re leading to
her own death.

Young Adult Suspense [Entangled Teen, On Sale: January 30, 2018, Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9781633758964 / eISBN: 9781633758971]

About Amber Hart

Amber Hart

Amber Hart resides on the Florida coastline with family and a plethora of animals she affectionately refers to as her urban farm. When unable to find a book, she can be found writing, daydreaming, or with her toes in the sand. She’s the author of several novels for teens and adults, including Wicked Charm, the Before & After series, and the Untamed series.

Before And After | Untamed


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