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April 20, 2012

Avery AamesIs this your first time going to the Malice Domestic conference? If so, don’t be scared. Plan to have a bunch of fun. Most of the people going don’t bite. If you’re a fan, feel free to approach your favorite author. They are there to meet you. If you’re an author and attending for the first time, breathe. This is a vital clue to living a longer life.

The hotel is intimate. I believe there is only the one conference going on at this time, so pretty much everyone will be an attendee. That means you can smile at everyone. If you feel like your mouth might freeze, you can always escape to your room to refresh or find a group of frowners and join them.

The hotel layout isn’t complex but it can be tricky. The elevators are few. Plan ahead and plan to recognize people on every ride. It’s sort of like a theme park, in that regard. You keep seeing the same people. Over and over. Read the name tag. Say the name out loud. By the end of your stay, you’ll find you know at least twenty new names—and maybe the people, too. Note: There are escalators to the Conference Level and elevators to the Ballroom level. From the lobby, there are stairs to the author signing area, known as the Terrace. On the Conference Level, you will find information and the auction and swag room and many of the panels. On the Ballroom Level, you will find many panels, Malice Go Round, the New Authors’ Breakfast and the Banquet. Here is a link for the floorplan to orient you: Hyatt floorplan

Though there’s a lovely neighborhood of shops to browse when you want some time outside, you will be indoors most of the time, so remember to drink water. The air conditioning in a hotel can really parch you. Also have Chapstick and eye drops on hand. Coffee and a light breakfast are available in the bar area of the hotel, however, the closest Starbuck’s is a half block away, on the street that is perpendicular to the hotel.

The panels— First of all, look at your program and using a pen, marker, or Chapstick (if you must), tick off the panels you want to attend. There will be so many. Now—how do you decide? I usually mark the ones with friends first. Then theme. Then time. If there really are two that I must see at the same time, I try to attend for half or I work on my apologies.

The new authors breakfast (Saturday)—Don’t miss it. It’s a nice spread and you’ll hear from debut authors who have wonderful new books! What could be better than finding a new author to follow for years to come?

Malice Go Round (Friday)—Don’t miss it. Forty-plus authors will tell you about their books in two minutes or less. You might hear from an author that you’ve never read and be wowed! The trick: you sit at one table, the authors do the moving. It’s easy!

The Poison Lady (Saturday)—Don’t miss this special presentation. Lucy the Poison Lady will share information about poisons that will knock your socks off. She will field questions at the end.

The silent auction and live auction—Don’t miss either. {Are you seeing a theme, here?} In both instances, there will be fabulous baskets and specialty items to bid on. Take your time at the silent auction. There’s no rush. At the live auction (Friday), speak up fast!

The opening ceremonies Friday night—simply fun and announcements of all the nominees.

The banquet dinner on Saturday night—Some attend, some don’t. I like to go because I enjoy cheering on author pals who are nominated. I also like to hear winning authors talk about their paths to success. Is it dressy? Some dress to the nines; others dress casually nice. Hats are acceptable. I’ve seen some fabulous ones over the years.

By the way, you can ship books and items home right from the hotel! There is a business center on the Conference Level.

More importantly than anything else, have a good time. Consider wearing flats so your feet don’t hurt. Carry a shawl or jacket in case the rooms are cool. Feel free to ask help from the people at the information desks (located at the bottom of the ESCALATORS). And if you see me, please come up and ÒSay Cheese!Ó

Avery Aames

Author of Agatha Award winning A Cheese Shop Mystery Series

a.k.a. Daryl Wood Gerber

Nominated for best short story, “Palace on the Lake”

The Long Quiche Goodbye
Cheese Shop Mystery
July 2010
Lost And Fondue
Cheese Shop Mystery
May 2011
Clobbered By Camembert
Cheese Shop Mystery
January 2012

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