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Book Club Rewind – Jenna Petersen

April 26, 2007

Ah. The horror. I forgot to bring a pen & paper to the table during our conversation with Jenna so I’m going off of some notes that I wrote down after the call. My apologies. I will be more diligent next time. I get a little wrapped up in the conversation. It’s like taking meeting minutes at my day job. I’ve never been overly great at that 😀

As anyone who has read the Lady Spies books will tell you, there is a HUGE James Bond and Charlie’s Angels influence. Bond’s superior named “M” from the Bond books/movies and “Lady M” in the Lady Spies series. Jenna did have stray thoughts about naming the secondary character from “Charles Isley” (as he is in the Lady Spies books) into “Charles Bosley.” She also swears that Lady M’s identity will be revealed in the third, and as yet, final installment of Lady Spies, Seduction is Forever.

Lady Spies is currently only set to be a trilogy, but Jenna is open to writing more Lady Spies books based on some of the secondary characters. Possibly even a Charlie/Lady M book!

She is blessed by the cover art gods! There was quite the controversy with the cover art for Desire Never Dies. The male model has some dimples above his butt in the original cover art (now known as the art on the paperback spine…so it is not totally gone). Apparently, butt dimples are too suggestive for some retailers so the cover art you see now was cropped from the original.

Who is Jenna Petersen reading now (she is not writing so she gets to read!): Sabrina Jeffries, Jacquie D’Alessandro, Kathryn Smith and Vicki Lewis Thompson.

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