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Claudia Shelton | Five Reasons I Love My Shades Team

July 29, 2019

My current romantic suspense series, Shades of Leverage, is filled with action and adventure, set against the backdrop of sexy protector agents and strong-willed women. Locales can be anywhere from a city in the Midwest to the Florida coastline and the Gulf of Mexico. From the Northwest pines to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Filled with plot twists and cutting-edge equipment, most of the time, you won’t figure out the true villain until the last few chapters. Even then, there’s always one more thing you didn’t see coming. One more no-way will they survive. One more kiss.

The Shades of Leverage series centers on the covert agency known as OPAQUE (Operation Protector Agents Quantum Elite). Their mission? Protect the innocent from the corrupt, and counter the crime-riddled greed and power of Coercion Ten (CT). The parts blur a great deal of the time because CT’s targets are their way of having leverage against someone lucrative to their exploits.

Someday, OPAQUE will zero in on CT’s main base of operation. Until then, they keep fighting to save the targets. Keep compiling more and more intelligence. And leading the way is the Shades Team. They are an integral part of OPAQUE’s quest—the elite of the elite!

Each member of the Team is already the leader of their own squad of agents, but when one of them puts out the call for backup, that takes priority. OPAQUE’s headquarters, located in the middle of the United States, handles all the logistics nationwide. And multiple government agencies offer any and all assistance needed…unofficially that is.

Who are these elite agents? The ones who can figure their way out of any scenario. The ones who know every trick in the book in a fight. The ones willing to die for the others in the Shades Team—no questions asked. Who are they? They are the Five Reasons I Love My Shades Team!

1)  JOSH – Tormented Warrior – Carries a heavy load of guilt on his shoulders as he searches for the person who bought his father with a stack of money. His mind remembers his hometown, but he won’t return. His body remembers the woman he loved, but he won’t return. She deserves better than him. He can’t hurt her even more than when he walked away ten years ago.

2)  MITCH – Mr. Responsibility – Stoic, serious, former Navy SEAL. His self-imposed duty is to make sure others always have what they need. Loves the water and sunsets, yet owns a beachfront house he’s never slept in for even one night. People tell him he should get a life. Doesn’t have time. Doesn’t want one. Doesn’t need any more memories.

3) CAT – The Defiant One – Strong, matter-of-fact and can capture you with a whisper or a one-two-three uppercut. She speaks multiple languages. Dresses in anything from hiking boots to stiletto heels. She has her future planned—too bad it’s only in her dreams. Doesn’t matter. Gets her through the tough times.

4)  STEALTH – Solitary Man – No family. No home. No past that anyone knows of. Life is one assignment at a time. Doesn’t do holidays. Answers very few questions. Wants a tattoo—not possible while he’s working dark ops. Approaches each mission as his last. Trouble is he keeps surviving.

5)  REESE – Mysterious and Complex — Former U.S. Air Force pilot. Former CIA operative. Former…unknown. Likes to joke, keep things light, see only what affects him or his assignment.  Not afraid to push the envelope. Not afraid to confront a superior. Not afraid of anything. Not even his past.

And there you have them—the Shades Team! Elite of the elite. The backbone of OPAQUE. Which one is your favorite?

DANGEROUS LIES by Claudia Shelton

Shades of Leverage #2

Dangerous Lies

To ex-Navy SEAL Mitch Granger, responsibility isn’t just a word. It’s his Code of Honor. But when assigned to protect Coercion Ten’s latest target, she challenges his authority, defies his rules, and wreaks havoc on his personal willpower. Fighting for her isn’t a problem. Giving his life for her isn’t a problem. Forgetting their world stopping kiss? Definite problem. And if he can’t concentrate solely on keeping her safe, it may cost them both their lives.

Journalist Liz Walkert’s missing father sent her a cryptic message that she was in danger. What he didn’t tell her was why. Unbeknownst to Liz, her family has been in Witness Protection all her life. Mitch may be her bodyguard, but his protection comes close to being control, the one thing she has none of in his presence. After a kidnap attempt and a narrow escape from attacking CT forces, they both realize they’re going to need to focus on the mission and fight their attraction if they have any hope of surviving.

Each book in the Shades of Leverage series is STANDALONE:

* Slater’s Revenge

* Dangerous Lies

Romance Suspense [Entangled Publishing, On Sale: July 22, 2019, e-Book, ISBN: 9781640638495 / eISBN: 9781640638495]

About Claudia Shelton

Claudia Shelton

Award-winning author Claudia Shelton could write her name before the first day of school, but now she writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance, all with sexy alpha heroes and women strong enough to love them. In addition, she presents workshops on everything from character development to networking to the ins-and-outs of being a new author. She truly believes in “paying it forward” and enjoys speaking to all types of groups, too.

On a personal note, she lives where summers are hot with humidity and winters are freezing cold! But, considering she’s a water person, she’s always happy to enjoy a cool drink by the pool or ocean. Of course hot cocoa in the falling snow is nice, too.

Shades of Leverage


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