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Claudia Shelton | Five Reasons I Love My Shades Team
Author Guest / July 29, 2019

My current romantic suspense series, Shades of Leverage, is filled with action and adventure, set against the backdrop of sexy protector agents and strong-willed women. Locales can be anywhere from a city in the Midwest to the Florida coastline and the Gulf of Mexico. From the Northwest pines to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Filled with plot twists and cutting-edge equipment, most of the time, you won’t figure out the true villain until the last few chapters. Even then, there’s always one more thing you didn’t see coming. One more no-way will they survive. One more kiss. The Shades of Leverage series centers on the covert agency known as OPAQUE (Operation Protector Agents Quantum Elite). Their mission? Protect the innocent from the corrupt, and counter the crime-riddled greed and power of Coercion Ten (CT). The parts blur a great deal of the time because CT’s targets are their way of having leverage against someone lucrative to their exploits. Someday, OPAQUE will zero in on CT’s main base of operation. Until then, they keep fighting to save the targets. Keep compiling more and more intelligence. And leading the way is the Shades Team. They are an integral part of OPAQUE’s…

Claudia Shelton | Building A Penthouse
Author Guest / April 3, 2018

Research is my least favorite thing about writing! There I’ve said it, and anyone who knows me, will vouch for that statement. On the other hand, I take getting details correct very, very serious. So, it’s always a plus when I can plot my story to include something I find interesting. Imagine my excitement when my latest release, SLATER’S REVENGE, began to take shape and I discovered my heroine lives in a penthouse…in the five-star hotel she inherited years ago. And, she has a personal elevator from her penthouse all the way down to her private garage in the basement. Wow, talk about interesting research! After some initial on-line searching, I realized I’d become the buyer, the builder, the sculpture of my surroundings and I’d become very selective in what I wanted. I wanted my penthouse to be fabulously perfect! Of course, by this time, I was thinking through everything from where suspense scenes would occur to conversation areas to the always important love scenes. I began to lay out the design of the penthouse interior including the flow from room to room, and the city view from the living room’s expansive balcony windows. Skyscrapers mingling with the city’s government…