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Daily Dose | Do You Struggle to Finish Books?

November 2, 2009

You remember high school where you had to read the book the teacher assigned whether it was Silas Marner, The Old Man and the Sea or Cheaper by the Dozen? You remember having to finish reading it no matter how boring the tale or how dry the writing? I admit, I loved the idea behind Great Expectations, but there were passages when I wanted Dickens to just get on with it. In other cases, it was Shakespeare that I dreaded reading – Shakespeare was a playwright, his work was meant to be seen and acted out, not read. But that’s assigned reading, what happens when you’re reading for fun?

Reading Books: The Struggle

Reading for fun shouldn’t be a struggle, but sometimes, even the best books have their moments. I have occasionally come across books that I thought I would like, but when I got into reading them, I found it hard to sink into the character, the setting or the story. Those books aren’t a struggle to read because if I can’t get invested, I’m just going to set it aside and reach for another book.

But what about the books that I am invested in? What happens when the characters I love and I’m invested in get stuck in long scenarios that I don’t like, that I’m not supposed to like and I just want it over? I’ve had this experience twice recently and both with authors I absolutely adore. I loved both books, genuinely and I’ve re-read the first one at least three times, but the section I struggled to read the first time did not improve in any future readings. Not sure about the latest book, I haven’t had a chance to re-read it yet.

What Books?

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