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November 3, 2011

Eileen DreyerALWAYS A TEMPTRESSIt seemed like such a good idea at the time. I started with this concept of a historical romantic adventure trilogy, which would have taxed me enough. I mean, I’ve never written a series before. I’ve always thought I wasn’t organized enough. And mostly, I wasn’t.

But I had tested my wings on my faery trilogy as Kathleen Korbel for Nocturne. I ended up having a great  time flinging characters around and intermixing story lines. I even realized that my muse was still working, because I would write something in the first book without knowing what it meant, and voila! In the third book it played out(I can’t tell you how comforting that was.)

So, I thought. Easy peasy. I can do another trilogy. But then, as I was writing BARELY A LADY, all of these extra people started showing up. And most of them were manly spies. Okay, I thought. That’s fun. But focus on the trilogy. You have enough people you’re playing traffic cop for to get distracted.

Nah. Right in the middle of NEVER A GENTLEMAN, the other men started to really separate themselves into different personalities; they each had a different task. They had backgrounds I needed to find out more about. (It actually happens to me all the time. When I did the Kendall series as Kathleen Korbel, I was initially going to just write JAKE’S WAY. Then his family showed up, and damn! They wanted their own stories).

Well, I’m now in too deep to back out. I have this so-complicated-it-looks-like-tangled-yarn overview plot that suddenly went from three books to….God help me, nine books. Nine Rakes. Nine heroines and enough villains to keep them all hopping. What was I thinking?!

I was thinking how much I love these characters. I’m so excited that I finally got to give Lady Kate her story in ALWAYS A TEMPTRESS, and that I (hope) I found the hero worthy of her in Major Sir Harry Lidge. I got to play again with  Lady Bea and Chuffy and Thrasher. I had an absolute blast. I really hope you do, too. And then, I hope you want to read about the rest of the Rakes.

What is your favorite series? And why? GIVEAWAY: a signed copy of ALWAYS A TEMPTRESS along with trading cards to one lucky person who posts a comment below.

Drake’s Rakes

Drake’s Rakes #1
Drake’s Rakes #2
Drake’s Rakes #3

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