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Jill Shalvis | Romance is Simply Irresistible..

October 29, 2010

Jill ShalvisSimply IrresistibleDear Reader:

I love writing romances. And for me, it’s always about the hero. It doesn’t matter what he looks like, or what he does for a living, or even who his family and friends are— it’s about his heart.

So it’s funny to me that my new contemporary romance series centers around three sisters—three disenchanted, estranged sisters who don’t know each other and aren’t even sure that they want to. And just for fun, I had them inherit a dilapidated beach inn that they’re forced by circumstances to run.


A difficult concept for them to say the least. The first book is Simply Irresistible (out now) tells the story of the middle sister, Maddie “The Mouse,” who decides she’s done being mousey, thank you very much. She’s tired of being too accommodating and too trusting. Her transformation begins when she takes a stand with her sisters Tara and Chloe and hires a contractor to help renovate the inn.

Enter hot and handsome Jax Cullen, whose laid-back, easy-going personality matches the ways of the sleepy Washington beach town of Lucky Harbor. Only he’s not nearly as harmless as he seems, but much more like a very sexy sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Maddie fights the attraction because she senses that there’s far more to Jax, and secrets scare her. But the attraction is pretty darn hard to fight, given that he’s gorgeous with a mouth-watering bod she can’t take her eyes off of. Still, it’s far more than mere physical chemistry that draws her to him (though the sight of him in low-slung jeans and a tool belt is the highlight of her days and fuels her nights with good dreams).

Poor Maddie. She has to make the decision to follow her heart: with her sisters, with Lucky Harbor, with Jax … And it’s not easy for her. She’s been burned. She’s been hurt. She’s afraid. But she’s tired of letting life pass her by; she has made herself a promise to live it to the fullest. But standing on the edge of the proverbial cliff getting ready to take that leap of faith isn’t easy—until she realizes that she doesn’t have to make that leap alone. Her sisters are right there. Hell, Jax is right there too, ready, willing and waiting … if only she can come up with the courage to believe.

Pick up Simply Irresistible to find out more. And then read Tara’s story in The Sweetest Thing (April 2011) and follow Chloe’s journey in Head Over Heels (November 2011). Happy reading!!!

Jill Shalvis

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