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Lisa Kessler | The Wounded Hero

March 18, 2014

Lisa KesslerNIGHT ANGELHi everyone –

I’m so excited to be visiting the Fresh Fiction blog again! I’ve missed all of you!

My new release, NIGHT ANGEL, is a standalone novella in my Night Series. This book takes place in Ireland and features Colin, who you met in NIGHT DEMON.

At the end of NIGHT DEMON, Colin is left with an injury his immortal body is unable to heal, and NIGHT ANGEL opens with a darker side of Colin. He’d always been quick to smile, with a playful sense of humor, but his world is completely off-balance now that this proud immortal has had his confidence rattled. He’s riddled with doubt about whether he can protect those in his care and he’s trying to hide his injuries.

It isn’t until his path crosses a mortal woman who lost her hearing in the Shankill Road bombing that he discovers there may be more to him than his mangled left arm.

Writing this book was a labor of love. Having a strong deaf heroine was also a thrill to write. In high school I spent a year as a teacher’s assistant to the deaf classes. I learned sign language and also discovered that being deaf is not a handicap, it’s just a different way to live. I hope I brought that spirit to life in this book.

But the best part of this story for me, was watching this once proud hero rediscover his smile and truly heal from his injuries.

So how do you feel about wounded heroes? Do you like to read them or are they hard to relate to? One commenter will win a copy of NIGHT THIEF ebook

NIGHT ANGEL is available now for only .99 until 3/20! Kindle

Sometimes the only way to heal is to love…

When Colin Flynn returns home to Ireland, the immortal Night Walker is not the protector he had once been. Although his flesh has healed, the scars hide a broken spirit.

Juliana Duffy is a survivor. She owns a florist shop and continues to play piano in spite of her deafness. Her prophetic dreams warn her of coming death and show her the faces of two men: one a customer and one a handsome stranger.

After hearing her music, Colin finds himself drawn to this woman who refuses to be defined by her injury. As an ancient enemy emerges and threatens her safety, Colin will need to learn Juliana’s secret to overcome his wounds, and regain his strength.

But falling for a mortal could be the greatest risk of all…

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