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N.J. Walters | 20 Questions: FURY UNLEASHED

March 26, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release? 

FURY UNLEASHED, the first book in the Forgotten Brotherhood series.

2–What is it about?

The Forgotten Brotherhood are a group of paranormal assassins. They aren’t the monsters lurking under the bed. They’re the ones that kill them. Maccus Fury is a fallen angel and their leader. Now Lucifer has sent Morrigan Quill, one of Hell’s bounty hunters after him. This is not your ordinary love story.

3–What word best describes your heroine? 

In this series? Badass.

4–What makes your hero irresistible?

Maccus is the type to kill first and ask questions later. He’s dangerous, cynical, and trusts no one. How can you not love him?

5–Who are the people your main characters turn to when they need help?

No one. As a fallen angel who has spent time in Hell, Maccus trusts no one, not even the members of the Brotherhood. He expects betrayal, so he’s never disappointed when it happens. Morrigan signed a contract with Lucifer to save her sister. The life she once knew is gone, and she can’t afford to trust anyone.

6–What do you love about the setting of your book?

New York City is the perfect playground for paranormal creatures. There’s such diversity, so many possibilities. And face it, people expect to see the unexpected there.

7–Are you a plotter (follow an outline) or a pantster (write by the seat of your pants)?

I’m more a pantster than a plotter. If I plot, I lose the drive to write the book. I know the basics about my characters when I begin. For me, everything starts with them. Once I have the first scene in my head, I start writing and trust the characters will do the rest. I’ve often said, I feel as though I’m simply taking dictation.

8–What is an ideal writing day for you?

I’m a first-thing-in-the-morning writer. When I’m working on a book, I like to go to my desktop computer right after breakfast before my head gets full of daily life stuff. I can usually go two or three hours before I have to stop. In the afternoon, I’ll do writing-related stuff.

9–Do you listen to music while you write, need total silence, or do you have the TV on?

Silence. I can’t write when there’s music or TV. Too distracting.

10– How do you approach research?

It really depends. Some books need very little research because I’m familiar with the setting or occupations involved, while others need a lot. For Fury Unleashed, I have maps and guidebooks for New York. I use a lot of maps and guidebooks, as well as YouTube videos. Knives play a big role in this book, so I did a lot of research on them and how to fight with them. As a story unfolds, I often have to research things I wasn’t expecting, but that’s part of the fun of being a writer.

11–What is your publishing journey story?

I wrote two books back in the mid-90s. They didn’t sell, so I put them away and forgot about writing until 2003. I started writing again because I saw a call for a competition. I was late for the competition but kept writing and submitted my manuscript to a publisher. In October of 2004, my first book was published–Annabelle Lee (Now released as Uncovering Annabelle.) And those first two books? They found a home and were published as Discovering Dani and The Way Home–the first two books in my Jamesville series. My writing style has changed so much since those early days. As a writer, I’m constantly growing.

12–Do you have critique partners/writing groups you want to give a shout-out to?

I get encouragement from readers and fellow writers daily, for which I am very grateful.

13–What’re the most frustrating things about being an author?

All the non-writing tasks I have to do that are part of the job. Social media/website/blogs, etc. . . They’re all amazing tools to connect with readers and other authors but they are time-consuming and terrifying for someone like me who is not technically inclined at all.

14–What’s your favorite scent?

That’s tough. I have two that I absolutely love–the sweet scent of freshly mowed grass and the delicious smell of freshly baked bread.

15–What movie will you watch no matter what if it’s on TV?

OMG I have several of these guilty pleasure movies–The Day After Tomorrow, Battleship, and Twister come to mind.

16–Do you like breakfast, lunch, or dinner best?

I’m like a Hobbit, I’m all about mealtime. Each has something to love about it. I never skip one.

17–What’s one thing you wish you knew more about?

Technology. It constantly baffles me.

18–What’s the silliest thing you’ve recently done?

I spend a lot of time alone, so I talk to myself a lot. LOL When I make myself laugh I often wonder what others would think if they could see me. That makes me laugh harder.

19–What can readers expect from you next?

The second book in the Forgotten Brotherhood series–ARCTIC BITE–is due out in May.

20–How can readers reach you?

They can check out my website at or my newsletter at I can always be found on Facebook at Readers can also follow me on Amazon at or BookBub


Forgotten Brotherhood #1

Fury Unleahed

Maccus Fury, a fallen angel, is trying hard to keep his sanity. Seems being an assassin might be catching up with him. Now, Heaven, or Hell, has sent a beautiful assassin to kill him. Lovely. She’s pretending to seduce him, and he’s okay with that. She’s smart and snarky—but she has no idea what she’s walked into. And he’s more than peeved that they only sent one person. They’re going to need an army if they want him dead.

Morrigan Quill is one of Hell’s bounty hunters. She sold her soul to keep her sister safe, and now she’s working off her contract by catching bad guys and dragging them back to hell. When Lucifer makes her a new offer––that’s definitely too good to be true—she can’t say no. All she has to do is kill a powerful and crazy-hot fallen angel, who will totally kick her ass in battle.

Good thing he won’t see what’s coming next.

Romance Paranormal [Entangled Amara, On Sale: March 23, 2020, e-Book, ISBN: 9781682815472 / eISBN: 9781682815472]

About N.J. Walters

N.J. Walters

N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

Salvation Pack | Blood of the Drakon | Dalakis Passion | Tapestries | Marks Mercenaries


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