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Ophelia London | Jane Austen for a New Adult Generation

October 22, 2014

Ophelia LondonSOMEDAY MAYBEEver since I was given the amazing opportunity to write a Pride & Prejudice modern respin (DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE), I’ve been jumping at the chance to respin another Jane Austen. Though nothing can touch P&P, I’ve always had a major soft spot for Persuasion. I love a good “second chances” story, and there isn’t a better one out there than Austen’s. Something about reunited lovers really pierces my heart. Maybe because I’ve had  a lot of boyfriends in my dating history, it’s kind of a personal fantasy to meet up with one of my better ex’s down the road and do a bit of rekindling. Hee-hee

In SOMEDAY MAYBE, Rachel and Oliver dated when they were freshmen at the University of San Francisco, then some time goes by and they meet up again. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving any spoilers…) I love writing about college-aged characters. For me, it was such an important time of my life and I made huge decisions about the future. The same goes for the year or two right after collage: First real job, first long-term relationship, first apartment on my own, etc. That’s what is so fun about writing new adult stories…I can grab from my own experiences, but pretty them up and make the guys even hotter. J

At the beginning of SOMEDAY MAYBE, the story jumps back and forth a bit from Rachel and Oliver in college to the Rachel and Oliver a couple of years after graduation. That way, when readers see them in the present day story, it’s electrifying and a bit more heart-wrenching—which was a blast to write… I’m an uber fan of built-up sexual tension and huge first kisses.  You’ll see…

All you single peeps out there, is there a special someone from your past you’d love to get a second chance at? (No need to name names!) And for all you lucky paired-up peeps, which do you prefer: opposites attract (like Pride & Prejudice) or reunited loves (a la Persuasion)?

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