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Ophelia London | How NEVER AN AMISH BRIDE Came About
Author Guest / July 3, 2020

Hello, Fresh Fiction! It’s been so long since I’ve been here. And I cannot tell you how great it feels to be back! Some of you may know me as the author of several sweet rom-coms, all contemporary settings. So then, how in the world did I end up writing an Amish romance novel? Did I go all “inspie” on my readers? (Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, of course!) Nope. The real story behind why I chose this path isn’t what most people expect. . . It all goes back to my sister. She moved from Tennessee to Hershey, PA about ten years ago. I was dying to go there, of course, because that is where all the chocolate lives! I mean, talk about my mecca. 😉 The first time I went out there for a visit, we did the whole Hershey thing–which was dang awesome. (PS: I have a whole series that takes place in and around Hershey, called “Sugar City.”) Anyway…what I didn’t realize then, was Hershey practically butts up to Lancaster County, one of the largest Amish settlements in the country. My sister had only been out there once, so we searched the internet and made…

Ophelia London | Jane Austen for a New Adult Generation
Author Guest / October 22, 2014

Ever since I was given the amazing opportunity to write a Pride & Prejudice modern respin (DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE), I’ve been jumping at the chance to respin another Jane Austen. Though nothing can touch P&P, I’ve always had a major soft spot for Persuasion. I love a good “second chances” story, and there isn’t a better one out there than Austen’s. Something about reunited lovers really pierces my heart. Maybe because I’ve had  a lot of boyfriends in my dating history, it’s kind of a personal fantasy to meet up with one of my better ex’s down the road and do a bit of rekindling. Hee-hee In SOMEDAY MAYBE, Rachel and Oliver dated when they were freshmen at the University of San Francisco, then some time goes by and they meet up again. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving any spoilers…) I love writing about college-aged characters. For me, it was such an important time of my life and I made huge decisions about the future. The same goes for the year or two right after collage: First real job, first long-term relationship, first apartment on my own, etc. That’s what is so fun about writing new adult stories…I can…

Ophelia London | Why I Can’t Stop Writing About the Beach
Author Guest / June 18, 2014

As a California native, I grew up on the beach. But not the typical beaches you might picture when you think of California. No palm trees, no oiled-up weight lifters, no boardwalk and no laying out for a tan. You see, I grew up in Eureka, happily situated between San Francisco and the Oregon border. The average summer temperature is around 65. The average winter temperature is around 55. We like to call that the temperate zone. As a current resident of Texas, I can’t tell you how much I miss that weather! The beaches I grew up on had one consistent attribute: gray. Gray skies, gray water, gray sand. But it was glorious. My early experiences with going to the beach were in sweatshirts, rolled up jeans and bare feet, soaked to the knees with seaweed between my toes and an ensuing earache. But surfing and swimming…never! There are sharks in those waters, dude. And jellyfish and weirdo slimy, gray sea life that bump against your legs and try to pull you down.  Plus, Jaws was, and still is, one of my favorite movies. Needless to say, I have rather polarizing beachy issues. This might be why—to this day—I…