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Robin Bielman | Getting Your Feet Wet

August 19, 2014

Robin BielmanKEEPING MR. RIGHT NOWI don’t remember my first time in the ocean, but I do remember the last time. It was just over a week ago during a weekend getaway with my hubby. You know how when you’re young, you’re gung-ho to race into the water? Who cares how cold it is? Yeah, that wasn’t me this time. I had to get acclimated to the chilly temperature before I moved anywhere. After my DH and I sat back down in our beach chairs, my gaze was stuck on the cutest little guy. He was probably three or four-years-old and stood carefully at the edge of the water holding his dad’s hand. His bright blue board shorts practically reached his ankles, and I had the strong feeling it wasn’t the temperature keeping him from moving deeper into the sea, but trepidation.

I know the feeling.

You do, too, right?

Fear is something we all face at one time or another. I think it’s especially potent when we’re about to embark on something new or different. And okay, for some of you it might also be when you see that big, black ugly spider. No worries! Call me and I’ll come get it for you! Spiders don’t bother me. Now if a scary clown shows up at my door, you can bet I’ll run screaming.

But back to the new or different… The unknown is scary. Being unsure of success can make those doubts we try so hard to keep at bay rise to the surface. And that’s just plain not fair. Because uncertainty shouldn’t hold us back from reaching for new goals and dreams.

Or letting the waves reach higher. The little boy took a few more steps, but as soon as the next wave got close, he turned to hightail it back to shore. His dad didn’t let him. He picked up his son and lifted him playfully into the air, putting him down when the wave had passed.

This is thankfully what family and friends do. They lift us up when we’re intimidated and anxious and not sure what our next step is. When we’re not sure we can do it. Whatever IT is. I never would have made it this far in publishing without the amazing support and encouragement from my family and writer pals.

Sophie, my heroine in KEEPING MR. RIGHT NOW, feels quite a bit of apprehension when she sets foot in the ocean. Not only is it the first time she’s seeing and feeling the ocean, but she’s also got a surf lesson. There’s no acclimating for her! Not if she wants to come off as hip and experienced like everyone else at the beach. Combine that with the hottest surf instructor—and hottest man—she’s ever laid eyes on and well, sometimes the best beginnings start off on the wrong foot. Or in this case, the wrong surfboard.

The key is to keep going. Get your feet wet and don’t look back.

So tell me Fresh Fiction readers, if you could cast anyone as your very own surf instructor, who would it be?

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