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Robin Bielman | Exclusive Excerpt: WRITTEN FOR YOU
Author Guest / August 23, 2021

Hi everyone! This scene picks up after Cam and Reese have just played a game of This or That with his brothers and things got a little sexy. He’s offered to walk her back to the guesthouse where she’s staying on his family’s property… “I’ll walk you back,” Cam said, making her jump. She hadn’t heard him follow her. “You don’t need to do that.” “I know.” They stepped onto the porch together. “About what just happened…” he trailed off, hands in the front pockets of his stylish sweatpants as they continued toward the guesthouse. “It was nothing. We got a little carried away is all. I call it the Nash influence.” “The Nash influence?” “Yes, he loves to infer dirty and sexual things, which in turn gets the people around him thinking them.” “Okay, but in this case…” They’d gone there on their own. Of course Mr. Smarty McSmartyPants would realize that. She spun and faced him, took backward steps. “Sugar Rush.” He raised an eyebrow. Just one brow, in that sexy way of his. “When a person eats sugar, the brain produces a surge in dopamine, which in turn makes them think of pleasurable things and then sometimes…

Robin Bielman & Samanthe Beck | Buddy Writing
Author Guest / April 15, 2019

There are buddy cop films where the plot involves two people of different personalities who are forced to work together to defeat the bad guys, sometimes learning from each other in the process. And then there are buddy writers. Two people of comparative personalities who choose to work together to create a story that readers will hopefully love, most definitely learning from each other in the process. Crockett & Tubbs, Murtaugh & Riggs, Turner & Hooch, Tango & Cash, Thelma & Louise. Okay, T&L weren’t cops, but they were best buds until the very end so for the purposes of this post, we’ll compare it to typing, “The End.” See what we did there? You’re so clever, Sam. No, you’re so clever, Robin. What we’re trying to say is, we had a kickass time writing this book together. As with any big undertaking, there were good days and bad days. There were rewrites and respites. Coffee fueled most of our writing/brainstorming sessions—we can totally vouch for the power of mochas. And plotting sessions by the seat of our pants ruled our word counts. We took long walks along the beach to talk through scenes and emotions and characterization and how…

Robin Bielman | Getting Your Feet Wet
Author Guest / August 19, 2014

I don’t remember my first time in the ocean, but I do remember the last time. It was just over a week ago during a weekend getaway with my hubby. You know how when you’re young, you’re gung-ho to race into the water? Who cares how cold it is? Yeah, that wasn’t me this time. I had to get acclimated to the chilly temperature before I moved anywhere. After my DH and I sat back down in our beach chairs, my gaze was stuck on the cutest little guy. He was probably three or four-years-old and stood carefully at the edge of the water holding his dad’s hand. His bright blue board shorts practically reached his ankles, and I had the strong feeling it wasn’t the temperature keeping him from moving deeper into the sea, but trepidation. I know the feeling. You do, too, right? Fear is something we all face at one time or another. I think it’s especially potent when we’re about to embark on something new or different. And okay, for some of you it might also be when you see that big, black ugly spider. No worries! Call me and I’ll come get it for you!…