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Robin Lovett | Top Five Guilty Pleasure Foods

July 20, 2016
  1. Chocolate
    This one’s a “duh”, right? A lot of people love chocolate, the rich melt in your mouth, ooey goodness. My best orgasmic chocolate experience was a box of Belgium truffles a friend brought me fresh off the plane from Belgium. Oh—My—Gosh—I rationed those things for a week. Each time I put one in my mouth, I seriously had to close my eyes. It was an instinctive response. Of course, watching the look on my husband’s face when he ate one… now, that was fun.
  2. Pastries
    I’m partial to croissants, specifically, you guessed it, the chocolate kind: a warm pain au chocolat where the outside crunches into little flakes but the inside oozes in your mouth. The variety of pastries is endless, the variety of flavors and ingredients even more endless, and my favorite part… you can eat them for breakfast.
  3. Ice Cream
    It’s hard to find ice cream that isn’t good, but the kind of ice cream I’m talking about is one so rich in flavor, it literally blows your taste buds. My ultimate ice cream experience was a vanilla cone in northern France, from a street vendor, no place special and it… oh wow. I’ve had lots of gelato from Italy but this French vanilla ice cream… I can still taste it. It was like heaven mixed with the lightest cream, the purest vanilla and that perfect pinch of salt. I would relive that experience daily if I could.
  4. Cheese
    Like pastries, cheese is a lifetime of possibilities. There’s soft, hard, warm, cool, sweet, sharp, and I’m not even a connoisseur. But my favorite kind is baked brie—you know the kind that’s wrapped in warm pastry? Okay, maybe that belongs in the pastry category, but it’s the cheese in the middle that really gets me.
  5. Pizza
    There’s good pizza and then there’s GREAT pizza. You can put anything on pizza you want. My favorite kind, and this will make some people squirm, is a white clam pizza. And not even with any cheese on it. Fresh clams baked on a nice crispy crust with loads of fresh garlic and olive oil. I know it’s strange. It’s my husband’s fault I got into that one, but I look forward to it every time.

It’s no surprise that some, okay all, of these foods made their way into my book Racing To You. And since they’re best eaten in France, naturally that’s where it takes place. So take a trip to southern France with me, filled with delicacies and beautiful beaches. Oh, and I should probably warn you of my other guilty pleasure: an athlete in spandex. The hero in Racing To You is a professional cyclist who spends half the book clad only in his barely there racing uniform. Oops!

Let me know if I hit on your fav guilty pleasure eats. Perhaps I missed one, or just got it plain wrong! Tell us below and enter to win a free digital copy of RACING TO YOU.

RACING TO YOU by Robin Lovett

Racing Love #1

Racing To You

Love—the one roadblock they never expected.

Aurelia is living her dream, teaching for a year in the south of France. Except it’s all going wrong. The carefree culture is challenging her academic goals, and her students are so difficult that she wants the unthinkable: to give up and go home.

Meeting Terrence doesn’t help. When he’s not training for the Tour de France, the cocky pro cyclist is flirting with Aurelia, but she didn’t cross an ocean to hook up with an American jock, even if he does have killer dimples and looks hot in spandex.

Until the jock sets out to prove he’s more than mere muscle. He wants to teach her what having fun really means, which could be as dangerous to her structured life as it is to her heart.

As life hits unexpected roadblocks, they turn to one another for support, and flirtation becomes game-changing love. But Terrence is chasing his dream of being the fastest man on two wheels, and she isn’t sure how far he’ll go to win…or how far she’s willing to follow.

Warnings: Includes a hopelessly romantic hero, a guilt-free sex proposition, a lot of orgasms and, of course, croissants.

Romance Contemporary [Samhain, On Sale: July 5, 2016, e-Book, ISBN: 9781619235410 / eISBN: 9781619235410]

About Robin Lovett

Robin Lovett

Robin Lovett writes sexy contemporary romances and her debut novel, Racing To You will be released July 5th of 2016. Her next series, the Bad Boys of Blackmail will be released through SMP Swerve summer of 2017.

She loves writing romance to avoid the more unsavory things in life, like housework and day jobs. writes with her cat in her lap, while overdosing on mochas to feed her chocolate and coffee addictions.

When not writing or reading, you can find her cycling with her husband or obsessing over the sport of professional cycling, including the spandex.


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