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Sophie Jordan talks THE SCANDAL OF IT ALL

July 26, 2017

Kristen Donnelly: What drew you to writing an older heroine?

Sophie Jordan: I’ve been reading romance since I was thirteen …and in that time I’ve read (and loved) countless fresh-right-out-of-the-school-room-historical heroines ranging from 18-21. I’ve read hundreds of them and will likely read hundreds more. As much as I enjoy them, I feel like there is a definite lack of heroines over thirty-five … and that’s what I wanted to write. Life doesn’t end at thirty … so why shouldn’t authors depict more mature women in romance novels? Basically … I wrote what I wanted to read, and that has pretty much been the ingredient to how I decide what to write next since forever.

Kristen Donnelly: Was there an inspiration for this story?

Sophie Jordan: I introduced Graciela and Colin in my previous novel, WHILE THE DUKE WAS SLEEPING, and they threatened to steal the scene a time or two. The fact that Graciela was older and Colin was younger was just a perk.

Kristen Donnelly: You’ve written in a variety of subgenres within Romancelandia – do you have a favorite?

Sophie Jordan: No! I don’t … that’s why I keep hopping subgenres. I love them all.

Kristen Donnelly: Can you tell us about your research process for the Rogue Files series?

Sophie Jordan: Depending on the plot of each book (because the story always comes first for me), my research process varies from book to book. For instance, my next historical, as of yet untitled, is the Duke of Autenberry’s story, and it’s already required more research than the first two books in the series combined. The Internet makes research very simple these days… I usually find what I need and five minutes later I’m back to writing.

Kristen Donnelly: Who are you reading right now?

Sophie Jordan: I’m reading Kate Meader’s IRRESISTIBLE YOU – first in a new contemporary hockey series. So smart and hot!

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