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October 25, 2010

The Day My Guardian Spirit Saved My Life

Dianna Love on MotorcycleHave you ever experienced a moment of premonition or a time that something unexplained intervened in your life?  I’ve had quite a few of those moments, but the one which really stands out is the day my guardian angel saved me when I would have died.

Many years ago, I’d had a bad day in business.  I’ll spare you the details about that, but I ended up sitting in a restaurant in Marietta, Georgia, until very late, talking to a business associate I’d known for years.  My home was on the opposite side of Atlanta in the Stone Mountain area. I finally had to make that long drive home, which meant traveling on Interstate 285 after midnight.  I was drained from the bad day and I’d been up since 4:00 am.

When I pulled onto the interstate it was in an area that had little commerce, so everything was pitch black around me.  The only thing I could see was whatever my headlights touched.  Back then, there were almost no cars on the road during the week at that time of night.  The speed limit was 65 and the weather was clear, so running the speed limit would have been fine, but the minute I entered the interstate it felt like a pressure all around me in the car forcing me to slow down.  I resisted at first, thinking that I was being stupid to listen to some weird inner feeling, but the pressure persisted until I relented and slowed the car to 35 mph.

I was crawling along in the middle lane a mile later when I came around a curve and had to slam on the brakes to keep from plowing broadside into a dark-colored car that had spun out.  The car’s headlights were shooting toward the shoulder of the road where I wouldn’t have seen them soon enough if I’d been going 65.  My heart was pounding out of control as I came to a complete stop in the road.   The driver of the other car finally put it in gear and drove off.

The feeling of the presence inside my car dissipated and I drove on, but after that, I never hesitated to listen to that inner silent voice.

I’ve always believed that my protective guardian was my mother.

My mom died of a heart attack right after I turned seventeen.   A few months later I was living alone in the only apartment I could afford, which was over the top of a bar.  I had to nail my only window shut because it faced the walkway that ran above the bar.  The male patrons would get drunk, find out about a single girl in the apartment above and climb the stairs then try to come in the window.  It wasn’t a good time in my life.

Two weeks into living there I was in the bedroom late one night when my mother came to me and said she was sorry about leaving me but that I would be okay.  That was the first time I felt as though I had a guardian angel watching over me.  As a young woman living alone and supporting herself, I was in some tight spots at times, but I know I survived them because of more than just lucky breaks.  I believe it was my guardian spirit watching over me.

Blood TrinityAs bad as that time was for me at seventeen, I had it better than Evalle Kincaid.

Evalle is an Alterant in the new urban fantasy Belador series I’ve cowritten with Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Evalle has had to face some difficult things alone at an early age, much like I did, but hers are far scarier than just being alone without family or friends.  Evalle and I definitely have one thing in common – the will to fight for the freedom to live on our own terms.

Evalle has been in some tight spots and it doesn’t appear that things are changing any time soon for her.   As a VIPER agent, she encounters demons, witches (both light and dark), shamans…some friend, some foe.  But now something has killed a human and in the purest sense of profiling, Evalle has target pinned on her back because she’s an Alterant – part Belador and part unknown.

Blood Trinity

Blood Trinity

Worse, she’s the only Alterant not in captivity.

Evalle has needed a guardian spirit many times, and could use one now more than ever.

The first full-length book in the series is BLOOD TRINITY, and was released on October 19th. Get a sneak peek of Evalle’s story, and also meet Tzader and Quinn, two more of the powerful Belador Warriors, in the excerpt and the character page at

Do you believe you have a guardian angel?

Who do you think your Guardian Spirit is?

Are you aware of a time your protector intervened to help you?


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