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Amanda Usen | Author-Reader Match: DARK AWAKENING + Giveaway!
Author Guest / October 17, 2019

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the “Author-ReaderMatch” where we introduce you to authors as a reader you may fall in love with. It’s our great pleasure to present Amanda Usen!  Writes: Super sexy urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and erotic romance. Think X-men meets Fifty Shades of Grey with a dash of Chopped. My characters are adrenaline-inducing, hot flash-provoking, and guaranteed to make you hungry, which is why my website has recipes from my books. About: Writer. Chef. Romantic. Mother. Wife. Teacher. Obliger. ISFJ-T. Coffee addict. Chocolate believer. Love maker. I love projects! Next on deck is helping my oldest daughter choose a college while I work on the next book in the Talent series. What I’m looking for in my ideal reader match: My ideal reader will believe… There are no lost causes. Family is born and made. Sugar is excellent medicine. Smart is always sexy. That happy endings aren’t easy and are worth the wait…especially when there are super-powered sexy times involved… What to expect if we’re compatible: First and foremost, I like to show readers a good time. If you take one of my books to bed, to…

Amanda Usen | The Deep, Dark Making of MAKE ME, TAKE ME
Author Guest / December 17, 2014

I did things in my wilding days that make me wince and suck in a slow, tight breath of sadder-but-wiser air. The most humiliating among them is this: I let a man put me on my knees. I let him break me. And he did not deserve that piece of my soul. I was driving through a parking lot when I realized I wanted to put those dark memories into MAKE ME, TAKE ME, and I had to pull over, close my eyes, and go slack in my seat belt until I figured out how to do it. I wanted my heroine to refuse to get anywhere near her knees. The phrase “Not gonna do it” rings through the book. Betsy doesn’t trust anyone, not friends and not family. Growing up in a bar as the daughter of a starry-eyed romantic bartender mom who believes Prince Charming might walk in the door any night made Betsy deeply suspicious of happiness not directly under her control. In her observation, every Prince Charming who walked into her mom’s life also walked out, leaving devastation in his wake. Betsy isn’t ever going to let that happen to her. You and I both know…

Amanda Usen | Let’s Hear It for the PLAYBOY!
Author Guest / June 10, 2014

Hi there! Thanks for coming to talk playboys with me today. Almost every book I write features a playboy, and my latest release, SEDUCING THE PLAYBOY, is no exception. I love a good reformed playboy. Actually, I love a good UNreformed playboy, but an unattainable man kind of ruins the end of a romance novel. What do I love most about a playboy? Number one: he’s got tons of sexy experience. This guy knows how to flirt, how to act on a date, and he certainly knows how to behave in the bedroom. Who can resist that? You don’t have to worry about fumbling or flailing with him because he’ll get it right every time. Even if you have charming idiosyncrasies, he’s gotten around so much (and so safely, of course!) he’s bound to have encountered your quirks in the past, and he’ll know just how to drive you wild. He’ll make it work between you…oh yes, he will. Secondly, he’s a challenge. Not to bed, of course. The playboy is a challenge to claim. I would say he’s a challenge to tame, but who wants to tame him? Keep him wild—wild but eating exclusively out of your hand. Yes,…