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Angela Henry | Smart, Sexy, and Resourceful: My Favorite Fictional Librarians
Author Guest / January 21, 2011

Anyone who’s seen the movie It’s a Wonderful Life remembers the scene where Clarence the angel shows George Bailey that his never being born doomed his wife Mary to life as a spinster librarian. Oh, the horror.  While it’s hardly surprising a movie made in 1946 would reinforce such ideas about librarians, surprisingly the “Marian the Librarian” stereotype still persists to this day.  As someone who has worked in the library field for twenty years, I’m always happy when I read a book or see a movie featuring a librarian that knocks the sensible shoe wearing, glasses on a chain, hair in bun, shushing stereotype on its butt. Maya Sinclair, the heroine of my latest novel, The Paris Secret, is a librarian. And you better believe I left out all the outdated, stereotypical librarian nonsense when I created her.  I wanted Maya to be able to join the following ranks of my favorite fictional librarians. I have no idea if succeeded. But if readers find her to be even half as smart, sexy, and resourceful as the librarians listed below, then I’ll be happy. Gloria Mundy/Foul Play-I saw this movie when I was twelve and it’s been a favorite ever…