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Kate Carley | Love In an Airport
Author Guest / September 29, 2021

You know the scene. That one where the hero races through the airport to catch his sweetheart before she boards the plane and soars out of his life forever. It’s a moment in countless stories, both in print and in cinema, where we cheer for the couple and maybe even become a little misty-eyed. But really, what would you do if you were faced with the potential of losing the best thing in your life? Many great love stories feature an airport or airplane scene, often in those final moments of the story when all hope seems lost. That’s when one of the characters realizes the depth of their feelings and risks everything to declare their love. Here are my top five favorite airport/airplane scenes from movies and television: Love Actually: This movie is unique in that it starts and ends in Heathrow airport. As the movie opens, we see various couples and families happily hugging their loved ones at the arrival gate. At the end of the movie, we watch as a dad, played by Liam Neeson, rushes his son through the airport so that the young boy can express his feelings to a classmate who is moving away….

Samantha Chase | My top-five favorite romantic movies
Author Guest / May 1, 2018

Hey, everyone!! So as you know, UNTIL THERE WAS US is available now and it is a second-chance romance. I love that trope!! It’s a fun trope to read and that got me thinking about some of my favorite movies that share it! So here are my top five quirky picks for second chance romance movies!! THE PHILADELPHIA STORY LOVE this movie! Classic Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart. Can it get any better than that?? It’s fun, it’s witty, and just everything a second chance romance – with a hint of a love triangle – should be!! WHEN HARRY MET SALLY True, it’s technically a friends to lovers story, however, once they slept together and Harry tries to win Sally back, you have the makings of a great second chance! And really, I can watch this movie every day and never get bored! GREASE Summer romance. They think they’ll never see each other again and then BAM! First day of school and there they are! Need I say more? Although, admit it, you’re singing Summer Nights in your head right now, aren’t you? SCROOGED Okay, this is my all-time favorite Christmas movie but when you push all of…