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Sharon Sala | Exclusive Excerpt: ONCE IN A BLUE MOON
Author Guest / August 25, 2020

Duke woke just after daybreak, but when he heard rain on the roof, he knew morning chores were going to be messy. He rolled over on his back and began mentally going over the tasks for the day. He’d still been up when Hope came home last night, and he knew today was her day off, so she was likely sleeping in a bit. Jack tried to be protective of Hope, but she was just as strong-willed and independent as her sister, Mercy, and somehow that became what was most special about her. Lord knows, Jack was forever smitten. Duke sighed. He really didn’t want to grow old alone. He wanted to be smitten, too, but for whatever reason, he’d never found that certain someone. And the very next thought that went through his mind was of Cathy Terry. He wondered if she’d been able to sleep much last night and if she needed help with anything. He’d left his number with her, but he knew she wouldn’t call. That left the next move up to him, so he got up, showered, shaved, and dressed, then made his bed before going downstairs to start breakfast. Because of Hope’s work schedule,…

Sharon Sala | Exclusive Excerpt: THE WAY BACK TO YOU
Author Guest / December 27, 2019

Melissa was just getting out of the shower when her phone rang. She wrapped herself up in a bath towel and ran to answer. “Hello.” “Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with you today and to wish you a good night.” Melissa was grinning from ear to ear. “Thank you. I loved spending time with you, too. Did you find any new leads?” “No.” “I’m sorry,” Melissa said. “Just remember I’ll help you tomorrow if you want.” “Rest well, and I’ll check on you in the morning, if it’s okay with you.” Melissa laughed, and the sound rolled through him like silk against his skin. “Of course it’s okay,” she said. “Call anytime.” And then the connection ended, and Sully put his phone on the charger, got in bed, and turned out the lights. He pulled up the covers, and within minutes he was asleep. — The sound of a siren woke Sully up the next morning, and he was out of bed, his heart pounding with adrenaline, before he remembered he wasn’t at the station anymore. But hearing a siren before daylight had him wondering what was going on in…

Sharon Sala | Exclusive Excerpt: A RAINBOW ABOVE US
Author Guest / June 25, 2019

Bowie got out with the purchases he made at Unique Boutique and headed for the door. There wasn’t a woman in sight when he let himself in, but he heard a lot of chatter coming from his bedroom. “Lucy! I’m home!” he yelled. There was a moment of silence. Then the door opened, and Ella came out, laughing. “You sure got our attention with that greeting,” she said. Pearl and Rowan were right behind her. “Bowie, do you remember all those old I Love Lucy reruns we used to watch when you were little?” Pearl asked. Bowie grinned. “I sure do.” “We’re mostly ready,” Ella said, then frowned. “Rowan doesn’t want to go.” “I think she might change her mind,” he said, and handed her the sack. “Go try them on.” Rowan’s eyes widened when she saw the Unique Boutique sack and peeked inside, then clutched the clothes to her chest and ran back into the bedroom. “I’m going to wash up and put on a clean shirt,” Bowie said. Pearl hugged his neck. “You are an old softie…getting your not–really–kin friend something new.” He shrugged. “I haven’t spent a dime of my own money on anyone but myself in…